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How was 2006 for you? We asked 10 Kop legends just that as we looked back on the year that was and asked for their Liverpool hopes for 2007.
/noticias.info/ How was 2006 for you and what was the highlight?

Ronnie Whelan: "The highlight of the year was undoubtedly winning the FA Cup. I was in Cardiff and it was a great atmosphere and a great match. Liverpool didn't play great on the day but the drama and the overall occasion was just great and Stevie G was immense in the game. It was an honour to be there watching it. Overall the start to this season has been okay but we have lost too many away games which has been the biggest disappointment. But we are playing really well now and things are starting to pick up."

Phil Neal: "The highlight has to be winning the FA Cup in Cardiff. The quality of the goal Steven Gerrard scored to make it 3-3 was something else, so much so I couldn't wait to get home and watch it again and again on the TV."

Jan Molby: "Overall the majority of 2006 has been a good year for Liverpool. The highlight would have to be the FA Cup win over West Ham which was something else."

Roy Evans: "We all hoped we would be a little bit closer to challenging for the title this season but I still think progress is being made and everyone is right behind Rafa and rightly so in my opinion. The highlight has to be winning the FA Cup. I also think the investment news is another highlight of 2006 and the important thing is the potential buyers seem to have the Liverpool tradition at heart which is massively important."

Ian Callaghan: "Obviously winning the FA Cup was fantastic and finishing third in the Premiership was a good reward for a good season. How outstanding again by the way was Stevie G?"

Phil Thompson: "The highlight for me was finishing just nine points behind Chelsea last season after finishing 37 behind the previous season. Winning the FA Cup was great but for me the performance in the Premiership in its own right is progress."

Ian Rush: "For me winning the FA Cup has to be the highlight. I also feel we made a lot of progress in 2006. We had a good season and winning the FA Cup was a reward for that."

Ian St John: "The FA Cup Final was the highlight. I was actually in Turkey playing golf with the Variety Club. I watched it in the club house with some guys from London who were supporting West Ham so it was extra special for me to see Liverpool win. The main man Steven Gerrard did the business for us and it was one of the best FA Cup Finals ever. As one of the players who played in Liverpool's first FA Cup win in 1965 always when we win the FA Cup it's extra special. It was just an incredible game and Gerrard's goal was an incredible moment."

Gary McAllister: "The FA Cup was the big highlight for me. It was such a great day and the way Steven Gerrard turned the game around for Liverpool was just fantastic."

Alan Kennedy: "The highlight for everybody is to get to a cup final and Liverpool did that in one of the best games we've seen for a long time no doubt about it. It was typical Liverpool as we were down and struggling at 3-2 down then all of a sudden up pops Steven Gerrard and then Pepe Reina came into his own when we won on penalties. I've seen so many good games that Liverpool have been involved in and 2006 has been a really good year."

Who was the main man for Liverpool in 2006

Ronnie Whelan: "Over the last two years it usually comes down to two scousers in Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher. Stevie has been head and shoulders above everyone else as he dragged the team to win the FA Cup Final and many other games. As we near the end of the year he is back to his best again and Stevie G is my man of 2006."

Phil Neal: "One man, Steven Gerrard. He had a fantastic 2006 and scored 23 goals from midfield. He had an absolute stormer of a year."

Jan Molby: "Obviously Steven Gerrard will get all the plaudits for winning the FA Cup but for me Jamie Carragher has been just as important. Carra has such a high level of consistency so I will say Jamie is Liverpool's man of 2006."

Roy Evans: "I'm still a great believer that the two Liverpool lads in Steven Gerrard and Jamie Carragher are our best players. Steven is my man of 2006 as he is the captain and always leads by example. He has pulled us out of trouble when we have needed him and none more so than in the FA Cup Final."

Ian Callaghan: "I never look any further than Stevie G. He gives so much to this team and when he is doing it we do it."

Phil Thompson: "Stevie G without a shadow of a doubt. He started the season scoring a lot of goals in the Champions League qualifiers and ended it by scoring that fantastic goal against West Ham."

Ian Rush: "It's got to be Steven Gerrard. He was instrumental in us winning the FA Cup and he is hugely important to the team."

Ian St John: "I think Steven Gerrard was the main man, not just for 2006 but for every season. I just think he is such a very special player with so much enthusiasm and drive. He will get the team out of trouble and win us matches."

Gary McAllister: "I'm thinking back to the FA Cup Final and a certain man who almost single handedly won Liverpool the Cup. It has to be Steven Gerrard."

Alan Kennedy: "For me there are several contenders. A lot of people will pick Steven Gerrard for the way he has taken a game by the scruff of the neck when we've needed him and he is the man for all seasons. Jamie Carragher has been absolutely tremendous as well and I also think Pepe Reina. Some people have criticised him but I think he has done well and kept a lot of clean sheets. Sami Hyypia had a good year as well but if I have to put my finger on one name then it's Jamie Carragher the main man for me."

What are your LFC hopes for 2007?

Ronnie Whelan: "I said at the start of the season that it would be Chelsea or Manchester United who would win the league but the way Liverpool are playing you never know. We have just got to keep going and the form of Bellamy and Kuyt up front is encouraging for us. I also hope in 2007 that the money from the take over comes in and we can build a new stadium and give Rafa cash to strengthen the squad."

Phil Neal: "My first wish would be for us to beat Barcelona in the Champions League as I am really looking forward to that match. Also if Santa could grant me a wish it would be to win our home games against the teams that matter because we've got some crackers coming up in the New Year when Chelsea, Everton, Manchester United and Arsenal come to Anfield."

Jan Molby: "I know we always say this but it is to get closer to the teams above us and fight them out for the Premiership title. If we can do that then I don't see it being very long before we are all celebrating the league championship returning to Anfield again."

Roy Evans: "To keep on improving on the pitch and get closer to the top two. If we can do that then I honestly feel we can win a title and get back to where we feel we belong as one of the top teams again."

Ian Callaghan: "Every year we want a title challenge and this one will be no exception. It's been too long now since we won one so after a slow start to this season we are now playing really well so hopefully we can even closer to Chelsea and Manchester United in 2007. I am also very much looking forward to the mouth watering Champions League tie against Barcelona. If we can go to Spain and get a good result then I can't wait for the second leg in front of a full house at Anfield. This is what Anfield is all about having great European night's."

Phil Thompson: "I'd like to see us go on a major run right up until the end of the season and put Chelsea and Manchester United under real pressure. That would be real progress. We have also got the Barcelona game to look forward to. When we played Chelsea in the semi-final Jose Mourinho said 99 per cent of Liverpool fans thought we would beat them. Well Jose 100 per cent of Liverpool fans think we will beat Barcelona!"

Ian Rush: "To keep winning trophies and keep progressing and looking forward. Like every Liverpool supporter I want us to win the league again and hope we can get closer to doing that. We have also got the Barcelona tie to look forward to and I think if we can beat them then we can go on to win the Champions League. I think winning the Champions League is a big possibility for Liverpool."

Ian St John: "I hope we can get to the cup final again and I would love to see us win the Champions League again. I know it's a tall order but why not? My main hope is to see us win the league title. It's been a long time and too long for a club like Liverpool and I want to see us up there challenging and then win it and become the number one team again."

Gary McAllister: "I would love to see us reach the last 16 of the Champions League. People say Liverpool are big underdogs and yes it's going to be tough but when we beat them in 2001 we were underdogs. If we can beat Barcelona then there is no reason why we can't go all the way to the final and hopefully win number six."

Alan Kennedy: "Every year is a big year for Liverpool but we still can get very close to Manchester United and Chelsea in my opinion. I think we might struggle to overtake them in terms of winning the title this season but you never know and we are moving in the right direction. My message to those people who doubted us at the start of the season is this. Judge us at the end of the season and see where we are. We also have the Barcelona game which is one everyone will want to see and I am really looking forward to it. I remember back in 2001 when we beat them at Anfield and Gary Mac scored the penalty and the atmosphere was fantastic and I think we can beat them again."

credit: noticias.info

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